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Judith's communication skills and style are remarkable. She has a rare talent of taking information in whatever form it is presented and summarizing it in ways that clarify the content so all participants can not only understand it, but put it to practical use. –Alternatives for Women, Picton, Ontario

Judith’s work included communication with a wide variety of individuals...Her skill of being able to relate to all these groups was integral to the success of the process.  Her ability to facilitate discussions ensured that the final document which outlines the recommendations to be put in place as a result of the review, has had informed input from all involved...At all times during the process, individuals felt listened to and respected.  Judith’s knowledge of organizational theory and practice has made this process a very positive experience for all involved. –Better Beginnings for Kingston Children

The management team benefitted from Ms Moses particular skills in the area of planning, conflict resolution and negotiation.  She is an extremely clear communicator both verbally and in writing.  It is evident that Ms Moses is highly experienced in the area of conflict resolution and works well with diverse groups and individuals. –Centretown Community Health Centre, Ottawa-Carleton

Judith was responsive and connected with our needs; she maintained neutrality and worked toward gathering the necessary information in a collaborative and attentive manner.  The report she prepared for us was thorough and is guiding us through the difficult and demanding tasks necessary...(for) a project of this size. –Child Advocacy Centre Steering Committee, Belleville

Collective Wisdom Consulting facilitated a one and a half day work session for our Regional Ethno-cultural Advisory Committee (REAC) designed to clarify, confirm and strengthen committee operations and improve the working relationships between REAC and Correctional Services Canada...Both the working session and the summary report exceeded our expectations.  Your facilitation skills are extraordinary.  Bar none everyone commented on your skills and ability to hone in on meaningful points while respecting all positions.  Your final report is considered an orientation manual for new members and a roadmap for the future (of REAC). –Correctional Services Canada

I have found her to be most knowledgeable about the VAW (violence against women) sector, demonstrating a broad perspective that is current, balanced and relevant.  She demonstrates a solid understanding of the dynamics of hierarchical structures within a feminist principled organization.  Judith has greatly supported me in my management of the complexities of female leadership. –Family Transition Place, Orangeville

I would highly recommend Judith Moses to any organization wanting to address organizational changes, human resources’ issues, strategic visioning exercise and conflict resolution.  She is a dynamic facilitator and a strong advocate of healthy organizations. –Gloucester Centre for Community Resources

Ms Moses was instrumental in providing a fun filled, energetic, thought provoking Strategic Planning Day for the (HEAL) Network...All of the participating partners found Ms Moses to be dynamic, knowledgeable, and respectful of the diversity (cultural, professional, and thought wise) in the room. –Helping End Abuse for Life (HEAL) Network, Brampton

Your ability to bring groups together and help them find commonalities is most impressive and this is why I thought of you when I needed someone to help the organization become more focused...thank you so much for being a catalyst for change four our shelter and Board of Directors. –Herizon House, Ajax

Judith is extremely skilled as a facilitator...She is able to identify problems and bring them to the table in a respectful and productive way so that they may be worked through. We have often experienced consultants in our work, few have understood, as Judith has, how shelters differ from traditional agencies.  Many times we have come away from training sessions and tried to implement suggestions from traditional training methodology.  Our experience has not been met with much success until we connected with Judith Moses.  All the training and development work was delivered with careful analysis of the impact of violence and oppression on the women and children who access our service, on the service itself and on the resources of the staff and board. –Hoshizaki House, Dryden

Judith was hired as a consultant to develop a Community Protocol for working with Victims of Domestic Violence...Judith’s strong analysis of violence against women combined with her extensive knowledge of victim services and the social service network was integral to the successful achievement of the project.  Her knowledge and expertise in this field enriched the project and ensured the development of a protocol which was comprehensive and fully addressed the needs of victims.  Her strong facilitation and mediation skills assisted the group to develop cohesiveness and collaboration in working toward their common vision of improving services to victims in our community. –Kawartha Lakes/Haliburton Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee

Ms Moses is a dedicated and professional consultant who has continuously demonstrated her expertise and experience when engaging with our diverse group of community partners, including police and related judicial representatives, numerous community and social agencies, and municipal, provincial and federal departments.  She has an excellent ability to research topics in a fair and comprehensive manner and to translate that research in a meaningful way that is understood by everyone. –Kingston Frontenac Anti-Violence Coordinating Committee

Kingston Interval House has worked closely with Judith Moses on a variety of projects, from strategic and operational planning exercises to proposal writing.  Judith is the consummate professional.  Her understanding of issues with the Violence Against Women sector at both a macro and micro level, as well as her multi-faceted, highly skilled, inclusive approach has ensured the success for each project.  She has an incredible ability to listen, learn, assess and understand the needs of the agency, as well as the staff and board involved in a project and guides the project based on those needs.  Her excellent organizational skills and attention to detail has always guaranteed the final project was of highest quality and completed on time. –Kingston Interval House

In January, (we) confirmed our need, as an organization, for the knowledge, wisdom and expertise of “some-woman” sensitive to the dynamics of anti-violence agencies and specifically skilled in supporting change in such settings.  You were that “some-woman”. –Lanark County Interval House

Judith has the skill of facilitating in a way that brings clarity to often vague situations, empowers all members of the group t speak and be heard, and she does so with warmth and enthusiasm. –Lennox and Addington Interval House, Napanee

Judith has a rare ability to understand and manage chaos and to shift negative situations into positive outcomes.  She has a gentle and insightful sense of humour that helps us laugh at our limitations and provides hope...She has a province wide reputation for her ability to get jobs done in a sensitive way...She is clearly committed to working with integrity and compassion. –Maggie’s Resource Centre, Bancroft

I realized you understood the kind of organizational issues that we faced from our first telephone call...The skills that you displayed in planning and leading the two day (staff retreat) were superb. –Mental Health Services, Belleville

Judith has an excellent reputation within the community-based social service sector and was an ideal facilitator for the networking forum for Domestic Violence Community Coordinating Committees (DV3Cs).  Judith did a superb job of facilitating the forum...She was very effective in helping us achieve our goals for this forum. – Ministry of Community & Social Services, Toronto

Judith’s professionalism was demonstrated by her comprehensive and insightful approach to project management.  She was well organized, managed time and budget considerations and was able to operationalize the initiative effectively and efficiently.  Judith also prepared a well-written, comprehensive final report for the Ministry that provided a number of useful observations and considerations for the future. –Ministry of Community & Social Services, Toronto

Her knowledge about working environments and best practices for shelters (and) legal implications is exceptional; and she is most willing to share that expertise.  She delivers a clean message to move the organization to the next level in a timely manner. –Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte

Judith Moses of Collective Wisdom Consulting was helpful, responsive, patient and over all, excellent to work with.  Her knowledge of board responsibilities as per provincial requirements was excellent, as was her knowledge about policy and process.  Judith’s feminist analysis per Violence Against Women organizations was strong and insightful. –Niijkiwendidaa Anishnaabekwewag Services Circle, Roseneath

Judith effectively addressed both the emotional issues among staff members, which were quite entrenched, and the organizational and structural issues which had allowed the staff problems to develop to the extent that they had.  She brought to the session effective problem solving techniques, a personal style that inspired trust in participants, and a body of knowledge about organizational structure which was very helpful to the board and staff. –North Frontenac Literacy Program

I found Ms Moses a quick grasping, clear thinking facilitator.  She is well skilled in pulling different ideas together and presenting them in coherent comprehensive statements. –North Kingston Community Health Centre

The quality of Judith’s work is excellent.  She provided us with a safe environment in which people felt comfortable speaking up...her exceptional ability to listen and restate what was said in meetings also helped to encourage participation.  Judith showed a willingness to “go the extra mile” when necessary to ensure the success of the contract. –Northumberland Services for Women, Cobourg

We found Judith to be flexible and knowledgeable...Judith’s broad range of work examples, and her approachability contributed in no small part to her credibility as a presenter.  At the end of the (community training session) participants remarked that the presentation was very informative and provided them with insight to go about their responsibilities in a more sensitive manner. –Patricia Centre for Children and Youth, Dryden

Judith has excellent facilitation skills; participants are made to feel very comfortable, she offers lots of encouragement, and she problem solves diplomatically and effectively.  She is well prepared, and her flipcharts, working materials, and reports are complete and interesting.  Most importantly, we have Judith to be grounded and informed in the area of violence against women. –Peel Committee on Sexual Assault

Judith Moses was hired to do a needs assessment on the barriers to accessing agencies that Deaf victims of violence experience in the Quinte area...she developed a solid plan on receiving input from a community that has complex and distinctive communication and cultural needs...She was able to grasp the cultural differences and the demands on the system, as well as create specific, concrete recommendations to assist our community in beginning to increase our accessibility to Deaf survivors of violence. –Quinte Coordinating Committee Against Violence, Belleville

Ms Moses was very successful in providing the Regional Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to develop and implement a process for the resolution of conflict...As a result of Ms Moses’ outstanding workshop, superior summary report, and excellent ongoing support, RCCEVAW members adopted a conflict resolution policy. –Regional Coordinating Committee to End Violence Against Women, Ottawa

Judith is warm, respectful, perceptive, and very patient.  Her years of experience in this area have obviously given her the ability to encourage practical thought and activity in a sensitive and compassionate manner. –Sandgate, Women’s Shelter of Georgina Inc., Jackson’s Point

Ms Judith Moses is an extremely competent and organized professional.  She would be an asset to any organization which chose to work with her.  She has a keen awareness of issues which face organizations in transition and an excellent analytical ability.  Ms Moses is able to work well with a widely diverse group of people and able to hear them all and incorporate different perspectives into an organizational plan.  She is up to date on current government trends and policies and understands the implications of these trends and policies on organizations she is able to gather and interpret the data available and produce a plan which is realistic and sensitive to the particular needs of the organization. –Three Oaks Foundation, Belleville

Judith is a knowledgeable, skilled and energetic facilitator.  Her material is very well organized and clearly presented....She uses a variety of techniques to reinforce the concepts she is presenting and encourages open discussion and active participation.  She welcomes challenge and uses it as a springboard for further learning.  As an adult educator, Judith is sensitive to group dynamics and individual learning styles and modifies the material and presentation in response to this information...Her wealth of knowledge and expertise is matched with a high level of professionalism and a very gentle, “down to earth” approach. –Victoria County Women’s Resource Services

Judith’s skills as a trainer, facilitator, and consultant lend themselves to effective, growth oriented training opportunities.  I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any organization whose goals reflect a commitment to diversity, equality, respect and excellence in service delivery. –Women & Children’s Shelter (Barrie)

Judith is an excellent facilitator, using and teaching the skills of consensus building.  She has an impressive command of feminist theory and practice and was both patient and helpful in encouraging us to agree on creating policies to govern our organization.  Although her knowledge of the legal and human rights issues and the conventions of other agencies were always current, she never imposed her personal opinions on the group, but rather facilitated it to come to its own conclusions. –Women’s Centre (Grey & Bruce) Inc

Your leadership and skill in providing a feminist based internal program evaluation and recommendations continues to be apparent through the use of many of the recommendations implemented as part of the review...The vision and planning skills that you so aptly demonstrated continue to be in practice. –Women’s Community House, London

Both staff and Community Advisory Board members commented on Judith’s respect of us as a group, and her ability to understand the issues that are important to us...We worked through a lot of material...her organized method of presentation helped keep us on track.  There was a good balance of allowing people to express their individual ideas and also bringing those ideas to a group consensus.  This is no small feat! –Women’s Health Care Centre, Peterborough Civic Hospital

All of us were amazed at how she seemed to know the exact doubts and fears which staff were feeling.  It was as if she been a member of our staff and had the inside scoop on all the issues...Her work with us opened the doors to improved communication, increased trust, and renewed commitment to our work and working relationships. –Women in Crisis (Algoma) Inc.